11 Ideas to Successfully Deciding on a Good Hostel (2020 Edition)

Incredible hostels are always tricky to find. On the highway, you’ll have significantly more “this hostel was meh” moments than “wow! This hostel is amazing, I never want to leave” moments!

Hostels are a lot more than the physical place.

I’ve stayed in dumps where I had fun, due to people there.

And I’ve gone to amazing, beautiful hostels that bored me to death.

Hostels are an atmosphere. It’s a combined mix of the facilities, staff, amenities, and folks which makes a hostel the very best hostel on the globe.

When you can’t always predict the people nevertheless, you can at least boost your probability of landing in a hostel that you never want to leave.

When trying to choose a good hostel, here’s my advice on what things to consider when you search for your next one predicated on over ten years of experience and a large number of hostels:

1. Cheaper isn’t always better

Budget travelers have an all natural inclination to go with the least expensive thing around. However, don’t make an effort to save a buck to save a buck. Super cheap hostels tend to be unclean, the beds uncomfortable, the showers dirty, and the pillows thinner when compared to a supermodel. Pay a supplementary dollar or two for nicer and cleaner digs. The body will many thanks.

2. Get breakfast

A very important factor I hate about hosteling in Europe is that breakfast is often toast, eggs, and coffee. And it begins at 7am (and ends early too)! I’m uncertain who the travelers are that they know, but I’ve never known any to awaken that early, even for an excellent breakfast.

Choose a place with a decent breakfast (i.e., a lot more than toast) or at least one which begins and ends when folks are actually awake (breakfasts that start around 8am usually go late). Breakfast can be the best way to bunch on snacks for all of those other day, thereby reducing your meal budget.

This isn’t a deal-breaker rule for me personally but I believe it’s very important to a hostel to have breakfast if indeed they have your kitchen space for this.

3. Get yourself a late have a look at

Never stay at a hostel with a checkout time before 10am. The very best hostels have 11 am checkout times, and the truly good ones enable you to have a look at at noon. Sleep is valuable on the highway because you’ll rarely get enough of it. Hostels with late checkout times understand why and so are often more relaxed and chiller environments. There’s just something amiss about a hostel requesting to be packed and out so early each morning.

On the other hand of this, I love hostels which have flexible check-ins. Many don’t enable you to check-in before 2 pm, but I love those that say “OK, the bed is ready. Can be found in now!” (I wish more hostels did that.)

4. Push-button showers

I say no to push-button showers. They are annoying and frequently haven’t any water pressure. The water turns off mid-soaping in fact it is a tiny hassle to handle. Historically, my rule has been that if a hostel includes a push-button shower, I don’t stay there.

I don’t take long showers – and I don’t think you should either – because it’s vital that you conserve water but, man, a push-button shower is annoying!

5. Lockers

It’s surprising, but I’ve actually experienced hostels that don’t have lockers or that ask you for for them. In this point in time, lockers ought to be standard. You must never pay for security. That is a deal-breaker for me personally, especially since I travel with electronics. If you’re uncertain about the locker situation, scan through the hostel’s reviews to see what folks say. Always easier to be safe than sorry!

That is a dealbreaker for me personally. No locker = no stay.

6. Free Internet

You’d be surprised there are many hostels on the globe that still charge online. As the Internet isn’t essential for all travelers, a hostel with free Wi-Fi is always an advantage. I would stay away from any free computer terminals though, since you can never be sure when there is any malware or harmful spyware using the pc.

Also, if you’re connecting to the free Wi-Fi with your personal smartphone or laptop you should look at investing in a VPN to keep your computer data private (particularly if you’re doing any online banking).

7. A bar

Bars aren’t a deal-breaker, and there are a great number of wonderful hostels without them, however they make for an excellent spot to socialize with other hostel guests. Usually, if a hostel includes a bar, they put a solid focus on making sure the people staying there are experiencing fun, interacting, and being festive.

If indeed they don’t have a bar, make certain they host activities and events to get people together. Hostels are in regards to a social atmosphere. If you prefer a place where nobody interacts, stay at a hotel!

8. Common area

If the hostel doesn’t have a bar, it will have a big common area (ideally it has both). The very best hostels will be the ones that provide travelers a place to hold out and socialize with one another. Common areas facilitate interaction and help solo travelers have a less strenuous time meeting people. The very best hostels I’ve ever stayed at always had an incredible common area.

9. Organized activities

Excellent hostels also organize activities such as for example walking tours, bar crawls, BBQs, or other things that gets people together.

10. Knowledgeable staff

Employees make any business, so when I find the staff of hostels helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly, I love that place better. A hostel is similar to a home, and you want the people there to welcome you prefer a long-lost relative. I never understood why hostels don’t recognize that being truly a hostel isn’t about being truly a cheap spot to stay, it’s about creating a warm environment.

11. Location, location, location

In which a hostel is located could have a huge influence on your experience. When you have to spend one hour on public transportation just addressing and from your own hostel each and every time you get into town, you’ll end up wasting a whole lot of your travel time. The very best hostels are near to the action, so that you can just come out your door and into an adventure. That or the hostels are so remote that just staying there can be an experience in and of itself. But just inconveniently on the outskirts of town? That’s just inconvenient.


A hostel doesn’t have to have each one of these things I listed, nonetheless it should have almost all. A hostel without nearly all these exact things doesn’t understand who its guests are or what they need. I get that the majority of differing people come through hostels with a wide selection of needs. A hostel doesn’t should be perfect. I’d such as a clean kitchen, but it’s not really a deal-breaker. Dorm room doesn’t lock? That’s just what a locker is for. Hostel showers are always dirty, which explains why I wear flip-flops in them. I’m not searching for a 5-star resort, just basic security, and comfort.

Why is hostels great will be the people, and even the worst hostels will be great in the event that you meet good people. But removing the folks from the equation, I search for hostels that have a number of the above qualities in them. Hostels that know very well what you want as a traveler is there to improve your travel experience, not only take money from you in trade for a bed. I’d rather stay at a location that is seeking to make sure I’ve a great time.

Also to find these places? I read up! When I’m picking hostels, I look at reading user reviews, pictures, amenities, and star ratings on sites like Hostelworld.

See what your fellow travelers say.

The consensus will likely be pretty i’m all over this.

Select the hostel that most travels agree rocks !.

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