4 Travel Gadgets Actually Worth Buying (Updated 2020)

It’s surprisingly difficult to find travel gear that delivers. There’s the tiny solar charger that took five days to half-charge my phone, the wind-up flashlight with a handle that snapped off the very first time I used it, the travel mouse that chewed through batteries in weekly, and a variety of others I’ve tried and discarded through the years.

When space in your travel backpack is bound, your gear really must work hard to justify its put on your packing list.

To begin with, they have to manage to go the length. Getting dirty, wet, jammed into backpacks, dropped, knocked around, and connected to terrible electricity supplies are par for the course in terms of travel. If your gear can’t handle life on the highway, it’s just likely to be wasted money.

Gear must also be small, lightweight, and genuinely useful. It ought to be something you utilize frequently and that improves the caliber of your trip.

With criteria like this, it’s no real surprise there aren’t many tech gadgets Personally, i recommend for travel. But, occasionally, I do run into a thing that bucks the trend and hits the sweet spot when it comes to price, function, weight and reliability. Listed below are my current favorite bits of gear for the tech traveler:

1. Anker PowerCore

In the event that you asked nearly every smartphone owner what they need more of, it’s battery life. When you’re off the grid hiking, stuck on a bus for ten hours, or just residing in a hostel without plenty of power outlets, having extra battery life means having an improved trip.

The Anker PowerCore is among the most popuar external batteries in the marketplace, balancing affordability and function. It’s durable, small enough, and may charge your phone once or twice over before having to be recharged.

You can usually see them for $30-70 USD based on the version you get. They’re worth it in the event that you ask me – particularly if you’re making use of your smartphone as a camera and want to make sure you have adequate battery life for pictures and also maps, translation, and the rest you will need your phone for.

2. Corsair Flash Survivor USB stick

A USB stick pays to for travelers as it’s the simplest way to talk about video files or plenty of photos, also to get things such as boarding passes printed out without logging into email on dodgy computers in hostels and internet cafes.

The Corsair Flash Survivor is a shockproof, waterproof, dustproof USB stick that’s the best.

However, any USB stick can do the trick. Nowadays, they’re incredibly cheap and may easily store up to 250GB while still being caffordable. That’s a lot of space for music, movies, photos, and the rest you’ll need!

Bringing a USB does mean you won’t have to carry another portable hard drive, which frequently break and take up a whole lot of space in your bag (and they’re also a lot more expensive than USBs).

3. Travel Power Strip

Nowadays, the majority of us travel with a whole lot of technology. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, external batteries – it’s likely that, you’ve got at least a few these in your bag when you’re abroad. And, if you’re like me, you almost certainly rush to start out charging them once you reach your accommodation.

Which can be a challenge sometimes – particularly if you’re a budget traveler residing in hostels – because there could not be adequate outlets.

The perfect solution is? A travel power strip. They don’t take up a huge amount of room and make charging your devices as hassle-free as possible.

A travel power strip may also enable you to charge your devices without needing multiple adapters, helping you save money and also space in your bag. Most new models likewise incorporate USB ports too, making them incredibly convenient for anybody with an increase of than one device.

4. Chargers, Adapters, and Cables

With regards to travel adapters, there are a great number of overpriced junk ones out there. I’ve seen country-specific adapters choosing just as much as $25 USD at airport stores plus they appeared as if the type of thing that wouldn’t last weekly.

If you don’t know for certain that the countries you’ll visit on your own trip utilize the same plug type, buy a universal adapter.

I’ve been utilizing a super cheap model ($4 USD on Amazon!) for four years.

I also like multi-part adapters – they’re more costly but generally have more options. Some models also contains a USB socket, that is a nice touch.

It’s also worth packing a USB charger. If your phone or tablet didn’t include one, a decent dual-port charger will cost you around $10-15 USD – you need to be sure at least one port is rated at 2.1 amps so tablets will charge properly.


The main element thing to keep in mind when picking travel tech is don’t get overly enthusiastic. It’s easy to get rid of up with much too much in your luggage. Select a few accessories that combine several different functions into one device. Search for things which will save frustration, time, money, and space in your bag.

In the event that you do, you’ll have a less strenuous, more fun trip – without carrying 20 pounds of electronic junk in your backpack!

Book Your Trip: Logistical Guidelines

Book Your Flight Look for a cheap flight through the use of Skyscanner or Momondo. They are my two favorite se’s, because they search websites and airlines around the world which means you always know no stone has been left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld because they have the biggest inventory. If you need to stay somewhere apart from a hostel, use Booking.com, because they consistently return the least expensive rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget TRAVEL COVER Travel cover will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in the event anything goes wrong. I never embark on a trip without it, as I’ve had to utilize it many times during the past. I’ve been using World Nomads for a decade. My favorite companies offering the very best service and value are:

  • World Nomads (for everybody below 70)
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