That is a guest post from Candy Pilar Godoy, who blogs about pet travel at Boogie The Pug. She travels the world with her pug, Boogie, and her tiny chihuahua, Marcelo. She’s here to let you know how that you can do the same together with your dog!

Many people assume that it’s supremely difficult – if not impossible – to visit with dogs. So most assume that they’ll have to fork over a truckload of cash to cover the dog-sitting costs of leaving their pooches behind while they travel.


My pal Wandering Earl is my spouse – a difficult core budget traveler who loves exploring the world. We’re two peas in a pod. As he gears up for his nineteenth visit to India (leading just one more sold-out tour), I asked him to talk about a few of his favorite locations in the united states to provide you with (and me) ideas on how to proceed in a country so vast! Enter Earl:

Everywhere you submit India, there is something to accomplish or even to see that you almost certainly haven’t done or seen before. There are experiences to be enjoyed – whether fascinating or shocking or rewarding or confusing or educational or frustrating – the whole day, no matter where you will be.


Enveloped by steep mountains and sitting next to the country’s deepest and longest fjord, Bergen is a little city saved on the west coast of Norway.

Though home to only 220,000 people, there’s a surprising amount of what to see and do in this tiny city. It is simple to spend days here hiking its natural surroundings, relaxing on a fjord cruise, eating fresh seafood, and studying its long history. I stayed around three days within my visit and felt I possibly could have stayed just a little longer. It’s pretty, historic, and filled up with a whole lot of good food options.


Today, professional photographer Laurence Norah of Locating the Universe, continues his five-part series on taking better travel photos. In this article, Laurence is taking it up a notch to provide some advanced travel photography techniques such as for example long exposure shots, HDR, star shooting, and more!

Among the challenges we face as travelers is that so lots of the places we visit have been photographed extensively.

In today’s post, I wish to give out some advanced travel photography techniques that may help you get more creative together with your travel photography. These more complex concepts build upon the ideas in the first three posts in this series.


Taking better travel photos doesn’t need to be complicated. I’m no expert photographer therefore i decided to get in touch with my friend Beth, who’s! In this guest post, Bethany Salvon, the guru behind Beers and Beans, offers four simple tips about how to take better photos – whatever your level of skill is!

Everyone really wants to take good travel photos, but many people are frustrated when what they see doesn’t translate accurately onto film or into pixels. Taking good photos does take time and practice.


In this guest post, Charlotte Hockin offers some insight into gay travel in Asia. She and her girlfriend, Natalie, have already been traveling around the continent for days gone by 2 yrs. Here’s what they’ve learned from traveling as a lesbian couple in Asia.

Asia is a captivating, diverse, and exciting continent to go to. However, for LGBT travelers, it could sometimes look like a daunting prospect. There are countries that criminalize homosexuality, deeply pious states and regions, and places which have negative social opinions of the LGBT community. It doesn’t exactly appear to be all fun and rainbows, does it?


You want to speak to an array of voices upon this website so have added an LGBTQ column to share with you travel issues that are essential a few of our community members. This month, Dani, among our LGBT columnists, shares the most notable five lesbian travel destinations in 2019.

I’ve told you all you need to learn about traveling as a lesbian and how exactly to plan an ideal lesbian-friendly trip, but how about lesbian-friendly destinations? What exactly are the best locations for an unforgettable lesbian vacation – where you don’t need to be afraid to get weird stares or need to be careful with PDAs if you’re together with your partner.


Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes our regular column on solo female travel. It’s a significant topic I can’t adequately cover, therefore i brought in a specialist to talk about her advice for other women travelers to greatly help cover the topics important and specific to them! She’s amazing and knowledgable. In this column, Kristin shares some insights from solo female travelers who aren’t millennials!

Once in a while I believe about Julie, a 77-year-old woman who stayed at the beach bungalow next if you ask me on the island of Gili Air in Indonesia.


The most common questions I get asked about my capability to travel long-term is how I could afford to visit so much? Am I rich? Did father and mother pay? Do I’ve a rich uncle? Did I win the lottery?

Before I could transform this blog right into a business, I spent years traveling the world by doing a very important factor: I watched where my money went.

That’s it.

It’s simple and boring.

By the end of the day, exactly like there’s no secret to visit, there’s also no real secret to making your cash last on the highway either.


Using its historic colonial buildings, die-hard sports fans, and lively nightlife, Boston is among my favorite cities in america (and I’m not only saying that because it’s where I was raised!).

Boston is a commercial hub because the 17th century and holds a significant place in American history. Following the Boston Tea Party in 1773, it became a pivotal bastion of support for the united states War of Independence. Right now, the city is filled with history and has lots to provide. It’s a must-visit destination for anybody seeking to understand the roots of modern America.