Travel can be an amazing platform for personal development. It’s a life-changing group of experiences, opening your eyes to different cultures and new (sometimes challenging) ideas.

Just as you find out about the world, additionally you find out about yourself.

And that’s priceless.

And important as personal development is, sometimes it’s equally vital that you surrender to those places that you visit.

Volunteering internationally is among the best ways to do this. Volunteering abroad enables you to start to see the world while giving back again to people and places in need. It’s enriched both my entire life and my travels through the years, and it’s something I encourage every traveler to try at least one time.


After 12,000 miles and four . 5 months on the highway, I’m home. My epic book tour in the united states has ended, and I fell deeply in love with america all over again. I believe america can be an underrated destination.

Travel over the United States feels similar to visiting a assortment of micro-countries, each using its own identity. Although some basic ideas and principles resonate over the states, each region has its unique cuisine, geography, identity, and culture. Life in rural Nebraska has little in keeping with life in NEW YORK, which has little in keeping with the mountains of Idaho.


I don’t write articles about how exactly to reach your goals at blogging often because that is a consumer travel website not really a blogging website, but I’ve seen a whole lot of articles on travel blogging lately, that have many points I disagree with and I believe provide a lot bad advice.

As anyone who has been blogging for over a decade, I want to provide a counterbalance for some of the prevailing (and wrong) wisdom out there on how best to succeed.

(Especially in light of this Instagrammer selling a scam course on how best to grow your following!)