I get yourself a large amount of questions about healthcare on the highway – “How do i avoid getting sick? What need vaccines? What goes on when I really do get sick?” Since I’m not really a doctor, I don’t like giving medical advice so I’ve asked Mike Huxley, a rn and author of your blog Bemused Backpacker to create a few articles on health insurance and safety when you travel.

His first article centered on creating the perfect medical kit. This article features easy methods to stay healthy on the highway.


Incredible hostels are always tricky to find. On the highway, you’ll have significantly more “this hostel was meh” moments than “wow! This hostel is amazing, I never want to leave” moments!

Hostels are a lot more than the physical place.

I’ve stayed in dumps where I had fun, due to people there.

And I’ve gone to amazing, beautiful hostels that bored me to death.

Hostels are an atmosphere. It’s a combined mix of the facilities, staff, amenities, and folks which makes a hostel the very best hostel on the globe.


Today, professional photographer Laurence Norah of Locating the Universe, finishes his five-part series on taking better travel photos. Partly five, Laurence is giving some simple post-processing techniques which you can use to create your travel photos wow friends and family and family! Editing your photos is simply as important as how you compose them, therefore i hope you’re prepared to take some notes!

Just about the most misunderstood parts of portrait digital photography is what happens once you take the shot: editing your photos, aka post-processing. That’s where you edit the images you took, to create the ultimate product.


Travel photography. It’s not at all something I’ve very proficient at. I take all my pictures on an iPhone and, if indeed they aren’t used on your blog, they mostly just take a seat on my hard disk drive. I’ve never taken enough time to essentially improve my skills. Like learning a language, improving your photography does take time.

Luckily, exactly like learning a language, anyone can do it!

Travel photographs are memories. You look at an image and it conjures up thoughts, feelings, and smells that take you back again to an extended forgotten place. I believe it’s important most of us spend a while improving our travel photography.


Even though many of us imagine traveling the world (or at least going for a few months faraway from work in search of adventure), it’s not necessarily feasible, even for all those with the very best of intentions. Lots of things can get in the manner.

I frequently discuss long-term travel and round-the-world trips, but I understand that realistically, not everyone can or really wants to enjoy this form of travel. I don’t think traveling the world is hard, but I also understand that what I really do isn’t for everybody.